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The world is a fantastic place filled with wonderful sights and amazing people, so often it is easy to forget. Through this small community I hope that we can help you remember the world is awesome place and encourage you to undertake your own adventures. There are two main sections of Meanwhile on the Road:

On The Road...

Here you find all of the trips that have, are, and going to be as well as helpful tips and tricks.


For expeditions you'll find a Google map at the top which will have the route unfolding on it as the expeditions get underway. Pins will also appear when teams send a message with updates on their progress, which can be read by clicking on them. Under the map you'll find what the trip is all about. Once the trip has finished then the team will add their 'Off The Road Story' where they review their experience of the route and time they spent out there. Then a 'Problems Do Happen' section as no trip is without its lows. Find out what went wrong and how they dealt with it so you can look out and know how to deal with it if the problem does arise. Finally there is the 'People Are Great' which is our favourite. On every trip you come across friendly, helpful, fascinating people that get you out of tricky situations, provide accommodation, or just shared their stories. More often than not it is all three and more. Too often negative stories are propagated about humanity so this is a place to find the positive ones.

Organising and completing expeditions is full of pitfalls and barriers. With the tips and tricks posts we look to share our experiences and knowledge to make organising expeditions and exploring the world as accessible as possible. We are always interested to hear about new things so contact us and you might see your post here helping inspire others.


University is a great time to explore the world. Long summer and winter holidays and the freedom from your parents. Many universities have some form of society that will help you get on the road and seeing the world the way you want to. We are looking to provide a space that brings these societies together to make it easier for students to find out about them, for societies to collaborate and help each other, and to give guidance to new societies so they can provide the highest quality of expeditions.

Contact us

 Without feedback, contributions, and discussion this community won't grow to help as many people as we can. Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see, if you would like to get involved, or just if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for taking an interest and that you found this helpful. This is a project of passion that you are helping to spread.

Hope to see you on the road,