Crazy Ideas and How To Chase Them

We all have crazy thoughts about what we would like to do and most of the time we dismiss them with a variety of excuses, "I'll do that when I have more time" or "No one else has done that so how could I?" for example. As a travel addict I often have these thoughts and it is often how the expeditions that I have been on start. I thought I might share some of my own techniques for turning crazy ideas into reality. I would love to hear your own techniques to chase those dreams.


An obvious one but the number of ideas that I have let fall even before reaching this step. Rather than saying that it is too difficult or simply I could never do that, ask why doesn't everyone do this and how do some people do this? There will be hurdle that need to be overcome otherwise everyone would be doing it, but understanding what these are will allow you to get over them. Research doesn't have to cost anything, certainly in the initial planning stages. You don't have to commit to start looking in to the viability of a project, just a bit of time on the bus or instead of watching the TV. You'll often find that most things are much more achievable than you think.

Believe in Yourself

You can do more than you think when you put your mind to it. Often we think that certain people do things like being an adventurer, but the biggest obstacle to doing what you want is yourself. Trust that with enough time and effort you can do what is needed and if one path is closed to you, there are usually many different routes.

There are many expeditions and situations that before starting I would have never thought I could do. Often it is the end goal that makes us feel like we aren't able to do it, it is too far away from where we are. Breaking it down into more attainable steps will boost your confidence and make the whole idea more manageable. Don't think you have to climb the mountain in one step, rather pace it out and you will find you get there.

Talk to People

Even if you think the people you talk to don't know anything about your crazy idea there is a chance that they might just talk to someone that does. It is a surprisingly small world and the more people you chat to about the idea the closer you get to the people that can help you realise the dream. Also, other people are a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can learn from rather than repeating their mistakes. Ask questions and see if people want to sit down and have a chat, most people relish the chance to talk about themselves and their passions, and it can be just what you need to get a plan off the ground.

Test the Waters

Jumping with both feet into the unknown is a thrilling and exhilarating experience but it is difficult to keep control. Don't feel that you have to run head long out of your comfort zone straight away, you can always test aspects of your ideas out in different areas. Never planned your own holiday but dream of traveling the world, small day trips and weekend get aways allow you to get some of the basics down without large expenses. It isn't all or nothing unless you want it to be, building up the idea makes it more likely to succeed and you will feel more comfortable moving forward.

If you go through these stages you might find that your crazy idea that seemed far fetched may actually be much closer than you think. There will always be people that will tell you that any idea is impossible but I am here to say is it really though?

Thanks for reading and please share and discuss your crazy ideas and there might just be someone to help you.

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